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An Anniversary

We are officially one year old today. (Actually, strictly speaking I formed the Comm on 4th December, 2005, but the first post was made on 5th).

So . . .

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

to us.

We began twelve months ago with myself and five members (k1mono, lonelywalker, londonronnie, the_haunt and toomuchfandom).

Today, we have forty-six members (our most recent one being philleegirl), plus a handful of extra people who watch the Comm, pop over on a regular/semi-regular basis.

Membership of this Comm, like most others, is diverse. For some members Gibbs/Ducky are their OTP (one true pairing); for some they are their preferred pairing; for some they are a pair they like amongst several; some people are more interested in their friendship than a romantic relationship; some people have a OTC (one true character) and wish to read about him with all other partners; and I'm sure there are other reasons that people belong to this Community. Whatever the reason, thank you for joining and I hope that this Community in some way or other pleases you.

We are still a relatively small pairing fandom within NCIS fandom as a whole, but notwithstanding that, we are nonetheless quite prolific. Between twelve writers we have produced 222 stories and a variety of graphics - icons, wall paper, photo manipulations, colour bars and banners - as well as essays, episode reviews and songvids.


All Fiction


bonafide_nocta's Fiction & Graphics

causticquery's Fiction, Graphics & Songvids

k1mono's Fiction & Graphics

lonelywalker's Fiction

loralee's Fiction

nakeisha's Fiction, Essays & Graphics

periwinkle27's Fiction

sharpiesgal's Fiction

strainconductor's Fiction & Graphics

the_haunt's Fiction

toomuchfandom's Fiction, Graphics & Songvids

zelenkashines's Fiction & Graphics

It would be lovely to hear from some of members from whom we don't hear, in whatever capacity - should you wish to do so. You don't have to write fiction, essays, episode reviews, or produce graphics or songvids to participate in the Comm, you can just tell us why you like this pairing or a particular episode or anything pertaining to Gibbs/Ducky and/or Gibbs&Ducky.

I know that some people, due to bad experiences, etc. are wary of posting or even commenting on fiction, graphics, etc. for a variety of reasons. Quite a few people feel that simply saying 'I liked this' isn't enough and that the writer/artist expects more and wouldn't be happy with that kind of comment. From my knowledge of writers and artists, the vast majority are more than happy with that kind of comment; so if this is keeping you from commenting on anything, let me assure you that this kind of response is more than welcome.

But of course only if you are comfortable doing this. Lurkers are equally as welcome and valued as anyone else.

In honour of this occasion, I'm going to select my favourite story from each of the writers (myself excluded) and share it with you. Some of these stories may have been recc'd by Ren on crack_van, others may be recc'd in the future, but this is my way of saying a small thank you to the writers.


bonafide_nocta, loralee and the_haunt have, thus far, only written one Gibbs/Ducky story each, but I have enjoyed each of them.

bonafide_nocta's I Will Be There For You is a moving little story that can be read as slash or gen and shows the depth of caring between two men who have always been there for one another.

loralee's The Crash is a very moving mild slash death story, that features the whole team, that even on several re-readings bring tears to my eyes.

the_haunt's The Physical is basically a rather hot slash PWP, with a nice touch of humour to it. (And I'm still waiting for the sequel, Ghostie).

The other writers have given me a much harder time, as they have written more than one lovely story. However, these are, for one reason or other, my personal favourites.

causticquery's In Totidem Verbis is a moving, hot, affectionate, full of emotion and feeling, tender slash story. It's a very simple set up: Gibbs comes home after several days and joins Ducky in the shower. They don't have sex, they make love.

k1mono's Twelve Ways To Say I Love You, has everything I could want in a story (it was written for me last Christmas and tailor made to perfection). Ren contains romance, love, friendship, the twelve days of Christmas, a touch of angst, team banter, sex, and does so without making the story soppy or over emotional.

lonelywalker's Fireworks is a fun slash story set on 5th November. It has Gibbs and Ducky in Ducky's bed and the kids in Ducky's garden, humour, affection and good dialogue.

periwinkle27's Waiting For Ducky is a lovely mild slash story set post-Hiatus but pre-Shalom, that tells how Gibbs is unable to make a decision and so turns to Ducky for help. It's sweet, but not saccharine, moving, and very much in character,

sharpiesgal's Always And Forever is a romantic, mild slash story about an anniversary and a time when Gibbs makes a decision. There is some team banter and a little humour in the story too.

strainconductor's Through A Child's Eyes is another story that can be read as slash or gen. It has a very unusual and superb take on the character death, but it is not a death story. It shows the depth of Gibbs's caring for Ducky, and can still make my spine tingle when reading it.

toomuchfandom's Cosas Malas Suceden En El Camino A Mexico is a slash story that has great plot line, action, great characterisation, tense, hurt/comfort, angst, pain, suffering, caring, love, affection, you name it, it was there. And a wonderful final line.

zelenkashines's Given And Received is a simple, sweet little story, when Gibbs goes to visit Ducky; it's mild slash and shows their friendship and deep affection.

And finally, a story that was written by several members of this Comm (k1mono, lonelywalker, nakeisha, periwinkle27 and toomuchfandom). It is an unofficial round robin that was spawned by a little story of my own and took on a whole new life of its own. This story is particularly special to me as it was a joint effort.

Noticing is a mild slash story, told from the POV of each team member, and an extra somewhat different character, and details how the team notice or don't the relationship between Gibbs and Ducky.

Thank you to all of you for everything you have brought to this Comm during it's first year. Let us celebrate our first year and look forward to the next twelve months and see what they bring us for our beloved Gibbs and Ducky.
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