October 1st, 2008

NCIS: Gibbs/McGee (B&W)

Challenge #34 Announcement

Challenge #33 (September 2008) has now officially ended. Thanks to all of you who participated, as writers and/or readers.

The stories submitted for this challenge can be found here: Challenge #33 Stories.

Challenge #34 (October 2008) -  'What If'? Take an event that has happened during the show and change it and write a story based on the change. It can be something major or something small or even a cascading sequence of happenings.

Challenge #35 (November 2008) - Dark and/or Light. You can interpret the terms any way you wish to. They could be colours; time of day; moods; the type of story; a case; a theme; or anything else of which you can think. You can use one of the words or both in your story. For example, Gibbs is in a dark mood, Ducky in a light mood - what happens when they two collide?

As always if you have any ideas for future challenges, i.e. you have a story you'd really like to write but as yet it hasn't fitted into any of the themes, or even a theme you'd really like to read, then please suggest it to me. Ideally I would like to be able to intersperse member's ideas with my own.

Happy writing.

NCIS: Gibbs/McGee (B&W)

Stories posted during September 2008

So here are links to all stories that are either Gibbs/Ducky (slash) or Gibbs&Ducky (gen) centric, or include them as a couple that were either posted here or elsewhere during September. All stories, unless otherwise stated, are slash.

If I have missed any stories, please do let me know.

Adrianna Coylho (adriannacoylho)

Fire & Ice
The Key

Ashleigh Anpilova (nakeisha)

Can't Forgive (Gen)
Ducky Explains
Never Will Be
Not A Chance
So Natural
Zoning In (Gen)

Ashley Pitt (ashley_pitt)

In The Night

Sage Harper (erehwon6)

Dinner For Two
NCIS: Gibbs/McGee (B&W)

Recommendations by Nikki - September 2008

As some of you will know, I  was the NCIS driver for crack_van in September 2008 - this was my third round of recs and this time, unlike the previous two rounds, I didn't rec all Gibbs/Ducky or nearly all. I ventured further afield - in fact a couple of the stories didn't include either Gibbs or Ducky.

For those of you who aren't on crack_van and who are newer members of this Comm, or do not read it regularly, or don't know which stories to begin with, or who tend only to read by recommendation, or indeed for long-standing members who are looking to reread, but aren't sure where to go, I'm going to share my Gibbs/Ducky recommendations. If anyone would like to see the other stories I rec'd, they can be found by via a tag on my LJ: Crack_Van Recs.


Unwind by Adrianna Coylho (adriannacoylho)

The Disappearance of Hollis Mann by Timothy Quinn timothy_quinn (Gibbs/Ducky are only implied here; the story could easily be read as Gibbs&Ducky with their relationship being purely the friendship we see on the show. Also Gibbs/Mann again implied)

Nothing Is Impossible by Willow (toomuchfandom)  (Abby/McGee and DiNozzo/Ziva are also mentioned)

The Black Truck series by Ashley Pitt (ashley_pitt)
Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five

A Meeting Of Worlds by Aingeal ( aingeal8c) (An NCIS (Gibbs/Ducky)/Due South (Fraser/Vecchio) crossover)

Time To Move On by Sharpiesgal (sharpiesgal)

Safe In The Arms Of Love by Sage Harper (erehwon6) (Abby/McGee, Gibbs/Ducky, DiNozzo/Abby [past relationship])

I Know by Susan G (cc_geek)

Picking Up The Pieces by Ren (k1mono)


How To Save A Life by Caz (causticquery)



The Disappearance Of Hollis Mann

Nothing Is Impossible

The Black Truck Series

A Meeting Of Worlds

Time To Move On

Safe In The Arms Of Love

I Know

Picking Up The Pieces


How To Save A Life

crack_van is running out of drivers for NCIS so if you are interested in recommending stories for NCIS you can sign up to be a driver by going to Crack_Van NCIS Sign-Up Sheet.

What it commits you to is recommending at least one story per week, up to a maximum of twelve in the month (but you don't have to rec that many, you could keep to the minimum and only rec four). Then you have the option of recc'ing a crossover story when they have their 'crossover day' and a songvid when they have their 'songvids' day.

There are no limits on the number of times a reccer may recommend the same author.