March 3rd, 2010

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NCIS Paley Center panel

Here are some wonderful links I've collected over on the Yahoo Groups in relation to the NCIS cast's appearance Monday at the Paley Center in L.A. Thought I'd share here.

+ The Futon Critic has a rundown of the proceedings: Futon Critic rundown. The MFU episode they showed a clip from reportedly was the scene from "The Pop Art Affair," where the innocent draws Illya's picture.

+ YouTube has an interview with David, who looks lean, happy and handsome! Warning: Vague spoilers for storyline related to Ducky's mom: OMG he's adorable!

+ And, finally, lovely pictures of our blue-eyed handsome men: David and Mark.
SGA John writing

Fic: Performance Enhancer (team, PG)

Title: Performance Enhancer
Author: Willow (toomuchfandom)
Characters: Team
Genre(s): Gen, humor (Gibbs/Ducky slash if you squint!)
Word Count: 489 words
Summary: Gibbs just glared at Tony. “I hope you didn’t tire him.” He said again, got up and headed for the stairs.
Author Note: written for ncisdaily prompt 3 for March 3rd "Simpsons"
Disclaimer: NCIS and all characters and references therein are not owned by this community or authors in use of such. No infringements of any rights is intended.