March 11th, 2010

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Beta reading help

Good morning!
I'm looking for a beta reader to take a quick look at short fic (695 words) I wrote yesterday. I'm also looking for someone who would like to look over a lonnger fic as well
Sing out if you are interested!
Starbucks love

NCIS fiction: Brave Heart 1/1

Title: Brave Heart
Author: elfgirljen
Pairing: Ducky/Gibbs, established realtionship.
Rating: P-13
Warnings/Spoilers: This is my first NCIS fic.
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, if I did the show would be a lot different!
Summary: On October 23rd 1983, a suicide truck bomber blew up the USMC Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon killing 241 US Service men, including 221 US Marines. How did Ducky react to the news?
Many thanks to toomuchfandom for the lovely feedback!

Brave Heart
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