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Fiction. A dectuple of drabbles

I wasn't going to do any more challenges, but a friend of mine leda_speaks) started up drabble123, just at the same time as I was in 'drabble mode'; as such, I signed up to do a couple. I really wasn't going to do Gibbs/Ducky, but when they discovered I was doing another pairing, they were not best pleased. So what's a girl to do? (Checks window to see if the men in white coats have turned up yet *g*).

So I give you the first dectuple of drabbles.

Applies to all:

AUTHOR: Ashleigh Anpilova
PAIRING: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
GENRE: Slash
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

TITLE: At First
SUMMARY: Jethro recalls how he felt when he first met Ducky.

At first I thought it was just infatuation.

Something new. Different. Something I’d never done before.

I found Ducky attractive, sure. More than attractive.

And I wanted him.

But the more I tried to get him to take me to bed, the more he resisted.

Told me later that he reckoned it was an infatuation on my part too.

Wore him down though; in the end.

Took a while.

I had to convince him it wasn’t that I was obsessed with the idea of having sex with a man.

But it was that I wanted to make love with him.

TITLE: I Always Knew
SUMMARY: Jethro always knew that something was missing from his life.

Always knew something was missing from my life.

Didn’t know what it was.

Then I found out.

It wasn’t something. It was someone.

I was missing someone who loved me unconditionally. Who loved me for who I was. Who didn’t want to change me.

I never had that; not even as a kid.

Then he came along.

Ducky came along.

And he gave me what no one else had ever been able to.

He gave me what I always knew I wanted.

Now there’s nothing or no-one missing in my life.

How can there be?

Not when I have Ducky.

TITLE: He Made Me Believe
SUMMARY: Ducky is responsible for Jethro believing in so many things.

Ducky made me believe.

He made me believe in love.

He made me believe in hope.

He made me believe in truth.

He made me believe in forgiveness - how to give and how to accept it.

He made me believe in the future.

He made me believe in the now.

He made me believe in belief.

He made me believe in companionship.

He made me believe in friendship.

He made me believe in life.

He made me believe in trust.

He made me believe in worth.

He made me believe.

He made me believe in him.

Ducky made me believe.

TITLE: He Can Turn Them
SUMMARY: Ducky can solve Jethro’s nightmares.

I’ve had my share of nightmares throughout my life. Both waking and sleeping ones. Sometimes think the latter are worse than the former.

I’ve seen the worst that can happen to people; caused some of it. I’ve seen the hell that life can bring.

I’ve woken shaking, shivering, sweating, certain what I’ve seen was real.

I’ve seen death, destruction, brutality, and been certain what I’ve seen was a nightmare.

But throughout it all there’s been strength for me to cling to.

One person.


The man who soothes my nights and days.

The man who turns my nightmares into dreams.

TITLE: Giving Comfort
SUMMARY: Only one person can comfort Jethro.

They couldn’t comfort him.

No one could.

The only person who could have was dead.

Dead by his hand.

It never should have happened.

He was trained.

It was one of those ‘chance in a million things’.

But it had happened.

And now he had nothing.

Nothing and no one.

There was only one answer. One solution.

He placed the gun to his own head.

“Jethro, Jethro, wake up, my dear.”


“It’s all right. It’s just a dream. Go back to sleep. I’m here.”

With words of comfort being murmured into his ears, Jethro did as he was bid.

TITLE: Oh, Well
SUMMARY: It wasn’t quite the way Jethro had envisaged people finding out.

The doors of the elevator closed.

With one hand Jethro reached behind him to push the emergency stop button; with the other he tugged Ducky into his embrace.

As his mouth found Ducky’s the peace that had been missing for the last five days descended over Jethro. As Ducky’s lips parted, Jethro became aware of something.

He lifted his head and looked into five surprised faces.

For a second he froze.

Then with a mental shrug, he simply lowered his head and once again found Ducky’s mouth.

He suspected it was Abby who pressed the button to re-close the doors.

TITLE: Love At First Sight
SUMMARY: Ducky has just met Jethro.

Love at first sight can happen. It happened to me only yesterday.

I know many people would call it lust, not love, but I know myself.

I know what is a purely physical attraction, and what is an emotional one. The fission I felt as I looked across the table into his eyes, was not merely confined to my body.

His name is Leroy Jethro Gibbs, and whether he ever becomes my lover remains to be seen.

Indeed, if he is to become my lover, I shall have to break my own rule and take a heterosexual man to bed.

TITLE: Different
SUMMARY: Ducky and Jethro are different.

There is a world of difference between Jethro and myself.

He is American.

I am British.

He is a serving Marine.

I am a doctor.

He is twenty-one.

I am thirty-three.

He is heterosexual.

I am homosexual.

He often becomes irritated quickly.

I usually take a long time to rouse.

He often looks for the bad in people.

I tend to look for the good in them.

He acts on instinct.

I prefer a more scientific approach.

He drinks bourbon.

I have a fine supply of pure malt scotch.

He finds it difficult to trust people.

I trust too easily.

TITLE: But The Same
SUMMARY: But they are also the same.

Despite our differences, there is nonetheless a great deal of similarity between Jethro and myself.

Both of us are passionate men, even if some of the things about which we are ardent differ somewhat.

We are both loyal men; when we care with care deeply. Hurt those about whom we care, and woe betide you.

Jethro has many acquaintances, but few real friends. And I, despite my more easy-going nature, am the same.

The first time me met we both knew, me in spite of myself, he in spite of his nature, that we would end up in my bed.

TITLE: Constant Endearments
SUMMARY: Jethro uses endearments all of the time.

Many people believe my beloved is not the kind of man to use endearments.

How wrong they are.

He uses them constantly; at least he does with me, be it when we are alone or even when we are in company.

I am not talking about the rare occasions he calls me ‘love’ or ‘my love’; I am talking about all the times he calls me ‘Duck’, his own private variation of my name.

And it is not just what he says, but how he says it.

That one word is equal to all the sweet nothings other people use.

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