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Fiction: A New Beginning

For nakeisha Happy Birthday Nikki :-) and the title is all yours to choose...

TITLE: A New Beginning
Adrianna Coylho
Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
Slash. First Time.
Their meeting made all the difference...

For end of Season 3, but the story is pre-series.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Pic inspired fic written for Nikki. It's a bit AR - seriously, canon? What canon! Call it poetic license. I'll let you play spot the difference.
I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.

The pic that inspired the fic...

He picked at the bits of smoked salmon and interestingly shaped cucumber slices. Surely they weren’t meant to curl quite like that? He half smirked as he amused himself.


It sounded strange. So few people called him anything other than ‘Gibbs’, ‘Gunny’ or ‘Probie’. The voice, being female, was a little unusual too. This was pretty much the first time he’d been on an out and out ‘date’ since he’d lost Shannon.

“Could you just hold this for a second, I have to go catch Gracie before she leaves... Oh, you okay over here for a minute? Good.”

Jethro watched his partner’s crimson gown sway as she swept back across the room. This evening wasn’t turning out to be much fun. Maybe if he’d had the chance to get her on the dance floor, he might have been able to explore those crimson covered curves a little more, not to mention be a little less bored. He was used to the feel of his tux; it was almost a more relaxed version of his dress uniform and he knew he looked good in it. He just wished his date had paid a little more attention to the fact. Maybe he’d lost his touch.

Surveying the room full of tuxedos and ball gowns he looked for the new faces he’d been introduced to. The company was a little different to that he used to keep. They were all busy chatting or swaying with someone to the music. Then he saw him. An older chap, a few inches shorter than himself and obviously not military – he wore his hair much longer than Jethro ever would, blonde and silky. ‘Silky?’ Jethro wondered when he’d started to think of other men’s hair in such terms. He’d known this NIS gig would soften him up, he hadn’t thought quite that much. So long as he stayed clear of words like ‘manageable’ and ‘healthy-looking’...

The guy was obviously a professional of some sort. He could have established that by the situation, but he also looked it. Very comfortable in his tux and the sociable surroundings, he was chatting animatedly with the surrounding company. Jethro told himself he was just profiling as he cast an eye over the older man’s physique. He obviously kept himself fit; and there was an energy about him. Jethro wondered what he did for a living.

His thoughts were interrupted as his partner returned and with a little effort he managed to coax her onto the dance floor. The thought that surely it shouldn’t be this much work crossed his mind as they wound their way into a couple sized space.  As they danced Jethro noticed the older man had been accosted by a glowing young woman and he too was on the dance floor. He noticed a slight awkwardness as the other man danced with his partner. So not a ladies’ man it seems. His movements suggested he would be better led than leading. When Jethro turned back to his date he found her watching him quizzically.

“Sorry, profiling’s a new skill, not very subtle at it yet.” He grinned apologetically at her.

She just smiled in return. Jethro made a point of refocusing on her as they danced.  She moved smoothly in his arms. He couldn’t help thinking back to how Shannon had danced with him, much freer and with real joy in her eyes. She had found joy in so many things. He felt himself stiffen at the thought. He still felt like he was betraying her in some way. Maybe he wasn’t ready yet. Every woman reminded him of her, no matter how different. He wasn’t sure if she sensed it, but his date soon bored of dancing, or possibly just him, and made her excuses to move off into the social circles again. Well that was that for tonight. He’d certainly failed to impress. He didn’t feel particularly disappointed somehow.

Mentally telling himself to stand a little more casually, Jethro tried leaning against a pillar a little as he found himself watching the room again.

“Not used to slouching I see. Military?”

That voice. He hadn’t heard it before, but he knew who it had to belong to. Surprisingly deep, the accent accentuated by the sultriness of it. It made Jethro’s heart skip a beat.  Turning to his new companion, he nodded.

“Donald Mallard, though friends call me Ducky.” Ducky smiled as he offered his hand.

“Gibbs, Jethro Gibbs.” Jethro shook.

He couldn’t help noticing the hint of strength in the gentle grip. So he probably used his hands to work, but what doing? Jethro imagined the hand on a sanding block or guiding a plane.

“You military?”

“No, no, not anymore, well, I may be again, but that’s another story.” Ducky chuckled lightly. “My consistent job description is medical examiner.” Ducky watched for Jethro’s reaction.

“ME, hmm. Never out of business then.” Jethro smiled.

“No, quite. And you?”

“Me? Gunnery sergeant, I mean I was. I’m with NIS now.”

“Just started?”

“That obvious?”

Ducky laughed “A little, yes.”

“Dr. Mallard?” The call came from across the room. Ducky looked apologetic.

“I’m sorry, I had better rejoin my colleagues. I’m supposed to be allowing myself to be coerced into yet another career move this evening.”

“Don’t apologise...” Jethro stopped himself.

“Sign of weakness?” Ducky smiled knowingly as he turned to go.

What a smile... and the way those eyes looked into him. Jethro melted. Watching him walk away was bittersweet. The way he strode, the perfection in his movement... it wasn’t until that moment that Jethro realised. He was idolising the man; and god he wished he was going home with Ducky Mallard tonight.


Ducky walked with particular grace as he rejoined his group. Resisting the urge to look back at the fit young marine, who he knew was still watching him, he slipped back into the conversation.

“We were just saying Dr. Mallard...”

“Ducky, please.”

“Ducky... we were just wondering if there was anything we could say to convince you to reconsider?”

“No, but you may not need to.”

“You’ve changed your mind? You’ll join us at NIS?”

“Yes, I think I might...”


A few weeks later...

Jethro’s heart was beating a little fast as he followed Mike through the unfamiliar corridor. He’d seen the name of the new NIS ME on file. He just hoped he hadn’t seemed too keen when Mike had suggested he join him to review the physical evidence on the case. It wasn’t often agents bothered to come down here, there were plenty of office types to collect autopsy reports.

Stepping through the door behind Mike, he saw the ME at work.

“Ah ha, agents braving autopsy. Good Morning Agent Franks...” Ducky stopped when he looked up, mentally checked himself and smiled welcomingly. “Do come in.”

“I have some further questions on the Shellman case Dr. Mallard. I was hoping I could run them by you?”

“Yes, yes of course.” Ducky was still trying to refocus his attention, away from the man currently keeping his head down behind Franks.

“I read your thoughts on the second bullet in your report, obviously Doctor, but I was wondering if you had managed to see whether that blood spatter agreed with you?”

“Yes, yes I believe it was on inspection. The first bullet certainly couldn’t have created the pattern, not from the position of that exit wound...” Jethro watched Ducky as he demonstrated with his own body. Mike looked a little uncomfortable at the rather eccentric recounting. Jethro hid a smile.

“ I believe I have the lab’s file here, you’re welcome to take it if you sign for it.”

Mike chuckled. “I’ve put my name to too many things, you sign it Probie. Thanks Dr. Mallard.” Mike turned for the door and headed out leaving Ducky and Jethro alone.

“Hey... Dr. Mallard.”

“Nice to see you again ‘Agent Gibbs’. Excuse me a moment  while I clean up before handling the files... probably why Franks couldn’t be bothered to wait.” Ducky smiled as Jethro joined him at the sink and started to pull hand towels out of the dispenser. He washed his hands in a slightly uneasy silence. He wasn’t used to being lost for words, but revelled at the sense of Jethro watching him.

“How you finding NIS?”

“Oh, good, good thank you. A change is as good as the rest they say. And you?”

“Yeah, fine. It’s.. different.”

“I’m guessing you didn’t take this job because it sounded nice?”

Jethro held the gaze. Ducky could read everything through that contact. He wasn’t sure they even needed words.

“Are you busy this evening?” The question left Ducky’s lips before he had really processed the thought. He found he was holding his breath as he waited for a reply.

Jethro passed him a hand towel and Ducky turned to face him.

“No... what do you have in mind?” Jethro found a list of recent failed dates cross his mind involuntarily. Every woman still reminded him of Shannon, but Ducky? Well he wasn’t a woman...

“A drink, perhaps, after work?”

“Yeah, okay. That would be nice, Doctor...”

“Ducky, please.”


The pair quickly sorted the file, too quickly for their liking. Seemingly neither wanted to part company. Ducky watched as Jethro’s hand moved over his signature. He tried hard not to imagine it doing anything else. No one at NIS was aware of his sexuality and really he had no reason other than what his instincts were telling him to believe that Jethro knew either. Ducky wondered if we was treading on thin ice here. After all, Jethro had been a marine and was quite clearly heterosexual. But the way he looked at him. There was a need there, a loneliness that Ducky really wanted to soothe. Ducky mentally sighed, if friendship was all he could offer him then so be it. He just hoped this wouldn’t get complicated.


As he left autopsy Jethro wasn’t sure whether to be excited or scared. He was looking forward to getting to know Ducky better, but... he knew he wanted more, more than he’d ever wanted from another man and really he had no idea whether Ducky felt, or was even capable of feeling, the same for him. Not the sort of question you ask outright, he thought, but the complication if he didn’t find out before making his feelings obvious... He just prayed his gut was right on this.


Later that evening...

They had talked for hours. For the first time Jethro had been able to open up about the pain of losing his wife and daughter. The words came freely with Ducky, like he’d known him for years. It had seemed only natural to accept when Ducky had asked him back to his for something to eat. They had dined together and continued talking in his sitting room.

But now – now they were both seated on his sofa, apparently inching closer with every celebrated turn of conversation. They both felt close, that much was certain, but Jethro was hesitant to do anything that could jeopardise their new friendship. His body however, was beginning to betray him. The effect of the fine alcohol and his increasing attraction no doubt. He was smitten, in every sense of the word and it was clearly showing. He had to know.

“I really appreciate your friendship Duck.”

“And I yours Jethro.” Ducky chuckled. “’Duck’, yes that does suit you better than calling me Ducky.” He smiled over his glass as he raised it to take a sip.

Jethro watched his lips on the glass unconsciously before their eyes met once more. Ducky lowered the glass.

 “But, you want more?” Ducky’s voice was calm, but his eyes betrayed him.

Jethro moved slowly, he didn’t want anything to be misconstrued, not now, especially not now. Placing his glass on the table behind him, he turned back to find Ducky had done the same. They looked at each other as they processed the gesture. It could only mean one thing. Moving forward as one, arms wrapped round each other and after a few strained breaths their lips finally met.

Fire tore through Jethro. No one since Shannon had made him feel this way. If he thought his body had betrayed him earlier it was nothing on now. Moving his hands over Ducky’s back he felt him quiver at his touch. He paused as he felt Ducky tighten slightly. Opening his eyes he cupped Ducky’s face with a hand.

“You okay?”

A single tear betrayed Ducky’s half spoken answer.

“I’m guessing there’s some things you haven’t told me yet Duck?”

Dropping his eyes, Ducky nodded quietly into Jethro’s touch.

“Do you want this? Us?”

Ducky raised his eyes again.


Jethro held the gaze for a second or two, before gathering the smaller man up in his arms and just holding him close. Ducky returned the embrace. Once Ducky’s breathing had settled, Jethro set about unsettling it again. Rolling his willing partner back against the sofa Jethro brushed his leg across Ducky’s lap before planting his knees either side of him. He looked down at him in wonder. He was so beautiful, yet so masculine at the same time. His lips pouted, just begging to be kissed. Giving in again, Jethro leant in, taking Ducky’s silky hair in his hands as he slid his tongue inside. Exploring heatedly, Jethro tried not to moan into the kiss as he felt Ducky begin to roughly undress him. Pulling away to watch his lover Jethro smiled at the mischievous grin that greeted him. Ducky was toying with him.

Having divested him of his shirt, Ducky ran his hands over the well toned chest, barely concealing his need to move his legs apart. Jethro spread his own legs wider to allow Ducky the room to move. It brought their arousals into contact briefly and both bucked together. Lips meeting heatedly again, Jethro found his legs being pushed back off the sofa.  At first unwilling to break the kiss, Jethro finally stood and watched as Ducky released him from his remaining clothes.

Ducky just sat for a moment looking at him before running his hands back up his thighs and onto his hips.  Jethro braced himself as he saw the look in Ducky’s eyes. Sliding from the sofa onto his knees, Ducky took him into his mouth. He didn’t break the gaze. It was amazing enough watching his new lover doing this to him, without him watching him back, almost predatory, as he did so. Jethro was almost relieved at the respite when Ducky released him and stood with him.

Ducky searched his eyes with his, before Jethro began to pull at his shirt. Ducky just stood, a lopsided smile on his lips as he allowed himself to be undressed. His eyes sparkled. Jethro almost expected him to flutter his eyelashes. Jethro laughed a little as he began to explore the skin and sensitive muscles he had uncovered. Ducky allowed himself to react naturally to every touch, only encouraging Jethro more. This was honesty and trust at its basest. Ducky would hold nothing back from him, he could feel it. Whether this be love, lust or pure fantasy, Jethro wanted more of it, for as long as he could have it.


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