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Some of you may already have seen this elsewhere but as as it's about half of our beloved pairing I thought I'd post it here.

Be warned behind the cut are MAJOR Season Six spoilers. Do NOT click if you don't want to be spoilt.

Okay, let me say now I don't like this. I really don't.

I know we were hoping for a Ducky-centric episode and it looks as though we are going to get a Duck-centric arc instead. But it comes at a cost: probably very little actual on-screen Ducky. If he's at 'death's door' we aren't going to see that much of him, are we? Okay, so we can hope for some nice moments when Gibbs visits him (we have to assume his oldest friend will do this thing) and we know what Gibbs is like when Ducky is hurt (be it physically or emotionally) remember LJD and TMP. But . . .

And if that isn't bad enough what about the 'Ducky may die or be moved to the spin-off show'? I do not like either of those options at all.

We know (and this is not me with my slash hat on, this actually came from J who has no interesting in slash whatsoever, my parents and other folk I know who watch the show just for the show) that the friendship and relationship between Gibbs and Ducky is pivotal to the show. Gibbs needs someone who is older, with whom he is friends and who isn't a member of the field team. The show needs to see Gibbs interacting in different ways to how he does with the field team. The show needs Ducky. The show needs Gibbs & Ducky's friendship (again I'm not wearing my slash hat here, I am basing this purely on friendship).

Okay, so a lot of long running shows shake the cast up from time to time and NCIS has done this and I can see them doing it again - but if were to move any of the regular cast to the spin-off, logic says it should be DiNozzo who gets his own team and goes off to lead that. Logic does not say remove a non-field agent, removing Ducky will shake things up in one way, but not in a way that is going to benefit the show. If they remove Ducky they have to bring Fornell in more often or suddenly come up with another hitherto unknown friend of Gibbs who pops up and joins the team or at least is seen regularly to give us that kind of Gibbs interaction. Not that I want to see DiNozzo go either - I don't; but if I had a choice (which clearly I don't) I'd send DiNozzo off and keep Ducky.

Sources have been known to be wrong, and we all know that TPTB love to keep us guessing, so maybe it's all just to get us worried, but . . . I really do fear for Ducky now *sigh*

Does anyone know anything about DMc and his health? I've noted in more than one review that he's sitting down a lot more and limping more and for once he seems to be looking his age? I know he's always said he'd like more screen time, not less, but now I'm wondering if it is getting too much and he wants out? Okay, if he is to be killed off it does look as though it'll be done in a respectful and gripping way, but we don't want to lose Ducky, do we?
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