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Fiction: Swing

TITLE: Swing
AUTHOR: Adrianna Coylho
PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky
GENRE: ER, fluff
SUMMARY: Ducky tries to get Jethro to try something new. Written for Challenge #39 - 'Beginnings'.
AUTHOR'S NOTES: For nakeisha.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. Just borrowing.

“This really isn’t my type of thing, Duck.”

Ducky rolled his eyes and stepping up behind his lover, nestled in wrapping his arms around Jethro’s.

“Look, move your hand lower. Yes, that’s it.” Ducky took a moment to enjoy the contact while Jethro adjusted his grip as instructed. “Now. Keep your eye on the ball. Do not look up until you’ve completed the movement.”

“Yeah, ya said that already.”

Ducky chuckled.

“Then why am I repeating myself?”

Ducky felt Jethro’s sigh through his chest. He smirked behind him.

“Letting your breath out is actually a good idea. Much like when you shoot.”

Ducky could tell Jethro was ready and actually concentrating now. He stepped back, reluctantly and picked up his own club as he waited for the swing. He watched the shape of the muscles of Jethro’s shoulders as he swung the club back, fairly forcefully. This one would really go. If he managed to hit it.

As the club dropped again and swung through, Ducky watched Jethro a moment longer to check he had followed his advice this time. Indeed his head did not bob up again until the stroke was complete. Then Ducky quickly shifted his focus to the path of the ball.

“Oh dear. FORE!” Ducky hollered the last. He watched as the group by the tree line dove for cover. “Jethro, must you aim at people?”

Jethro was obviously suppressing his mirth when he turned to Ducky and tried to look innocent. Ducky waggled the end of his club at him.

“If you can aim, then you can do it properly.” Ducky turned back to the bag before his own amusement became as obvious and took out another ball.

“One more drive.” Ducky carefully ignored Jethro’s indulgent smile and shake of the head at Ducky’s persistence.

Ducky crouched to place the ball on the tee and stepped aside.

“Nah. You take this one. Maybe I’ll learn something.”

Ducky raised his brow before acquiescing. He positioned himself, adjusted his weight to the back foot and prepared to swing, all the while very aware of the eyes studying his every move. He couldn’t help enjoying the feeling. This he could do, very well. It always felt good to have Jethro watching him when he was showing some physical prowess. No wonder the ancient Greeks enjoyed their athletics so much. Ducky nearly choked with his sudden amusement.

“You all right?”

“Yes, fine thank you, dear.”

Ducky took the shot without any further hesitation. The ball took flight effortlessly and flew true as Ducky had intended. Jethro was smiling when Ducky turned back to him.


“Okay?” Ducky smirked.

“Yeah. Okay, Duck.”

Jethro grabbed another ball and teed up. Ducky watched as Jethro methodically arranged himself in the way he had taught him. Jethro glanced up the field a couple of times, settled himself, then hit a beautiful drive. Ducky couldn’t help feeling more than a little proud as the ball followed its parabola.

“Now you’re beginning to get it.”
Tags: !creator: adriannacoylho, challenge 39, fiction

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