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The Boat. GIbbs/Ducky. PG

TITLE: The Boat
AUTHOR: Ashley-Pitt
PAIRING: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Donald “Ducky” Mallard
GENRE: slash
PROMPT: older_not_dead Gibbs/Ducky. I hate your boat.
SUMMARY: Ducky reveals his true feelings about Gibbs’s boat. Follows shortly after Jurisdiction
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these characters nor am I making nay money from them. I borrow them once in awhile but put them away tidily.

Gibbs walked up to his front door. He tried the knob. It was still locked, but he knew that someone was in the house.

He unlocked the door and drew his weapon. He made his way cautiously through the house.

It was dark and still. But he could hear a tinkling coming from the basement.

He moved silently to the top of the landing. He re- holster his weapon. He could see Ducky sitting on a stool; a bottle of Macallan on the work bench.

Ducky looked up. “Good evening, Jethro.”


“I suppose you are wondering how and why I am here.”

“Crossed my mind, yeah.’

“My leased BMW got a flat several blocks from here. And before you ask; yes, Sophie thought the Morgan to be old fashioned. Thank god, I only had it appraised and did not put it up for sale.”

Ducky took a large sip of the scotch and continued,
“As to why I am here, I was going to borrow your boat. I forgot that it was gone. I was going to sand the hull or drill a hole or whatever you do to settle your mind. You know, I thought I hated your boat. It took up your time. Time I thought better spent being with me. Perhaps that is why I was so taken by Sophie. She seemed to want to give me time, but at what price?”

Ducky took another large sip.

“Ah, Jethro, I am an old fool.”

Gibbs walked over to the work bench and rummaged until he found a clean ceramic mug. He poured some scotch into it.

“You are not old, Duck,” he said as he took a sip.

He put the mug down and began to assemble several saw horses.
He then walked over to a dark corner of the basement where several long pieces of wood lay on a tarp.

He brought one over and placed it on the saw horse.

“What are you doing, Jethro?”

“I am laying a new keel, Ducky. And then you and I are going to build a boat.”
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