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Challenge Fic #5 The Sins of The Father

Title: The Sins of The Father
Author: sharpiesgal
Pairing: Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Donald "Ducky" Mallard
Genre: Slash
Word count: 1329
Summary: It's Memorial Day and Jethro makes his annual pilgrimage to his father's grave where he receives an unexpected surprise.
Spoilers: None that I really know of.
Author's Notes: This is for nakeisha who sent me Gibbs and Ducky for safe keeping whilst she tries to convince the men in white coats that she is perfectly sane. Written for the ncis_gibbsducky May challenge.
Disclaimer: I don't own them except for a surprise OC. Not making any money off of them, either....


"Yes, Duck?" Jethro looked up from the morning paper. He hadn't been reading it. Just staring at it as he put off the inevitable.

It was Memorial Day once again. It was the only time that he visited his father's grave. It had been his ritual for nearly thirty years, and yet this year he felt the desire to skip it and do something fun with Ducky instead.

"Would you like me to go with you today?" Ducky gently asked. He knew Jethro preferred to visit his father's grave in private, but this year he sensed a hesitation on Jethro's part.

Jethro sighed. He folded the paper and placed it on the table. "Yes."

Ducky reached across the table and took Jethro's hand in his. He gave it a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

Jethro smiled. "I love you, Duck."

"And I you."


Leroy Alexander Gibbs

September 18, 1923 to May 18, 1975

Mastery Gunnery Sgt

1st Battalion 2nd regiment, USMC

Semper Fi


How Jethro hated that name. Never understood why his parents had saddled him with it, but then he never understood his parents. By dying before their time, his parents never got the chance to understand him.

He felt Ducky standing near him. Touching yet not touching.

"He never would have understood, Duck," Jethro said breaking the silence of the cemetery.


"Us," Jethro supplied his arm snaking out to pull Ducky closer to him. "Our love."

"Not many do," Ducky quietly observed.

Jethro hugged Ducky closer to him as he thought back on the confrontation he had had the other day with Jenn Sheppard. He had told her in no uncertain terms that he was not interested in her and never would be. He knew he had made an enemy that day, but what was one more in a collection of a lifetime.

"Do you miss him?" Ducky asked bringing Jethro out of his brooding.

"No," Jethro replied in a soft yet firm tone.


Rosalind Nuyen walked into the cemetery with a sense of dread tying her stomach into knots. It had taken her best friend almost an hour to talk her into visiting her father's actual grave. She had been to the Vietnam Memorial and the pencil rubbing of his name in her jacket pocket made a crinkling sound as she walked.

She was of American-Asian decent. She never knew her parents except from the picture her adopted parents had given her when she had turned eighteen. Now, at the age of thirty-one, she was finally coming to pay her respects to the man who had died defending people like her mother from the Khmer Rouge.

She paused several feet away when she spied two men standing near a tombstone that the groundskeeper had said belonged to her father. She watched them for several minutes.


Jethro's finely tuned senses let him know that he and Ducky were being watched. He turned his head slightly and caught sight of a pretty Amerasian lady standing quietly behind them. She looked familiar, but he couldn't place where he had seen her before.


"Yes, Duck?"

"Ask the young lady to come over," Ducky ordered in a genteel tone.

"How?" Jethro inquired, knowing what the answer would be before he even asked the question.

"I may have your heart, Jethro, but you can not deny that you still look at the opposite sex," Ducky chided with a sparkle in his light blue eyes.

"If you say it is so, Duck, then I won't," Jethro replied with a grin.


Rosalind had decided that they were lovers before she heard them speak. It was the way the taller man's arm was firmly wrapped around the smaller man's waist. They seemed to fit together perfectly despite the difference in height.

Their banter just confirmed her guess and it eased the tension she had been feeling.


Jethro let his arm drop to his side and turned to invite the young woman over, but was a few seconds too late. He watched her approach silently struck by her natural beauty.

He had to shake himself back to reality when she held out her hand and introduced herself, "Rosalind Nuyen."

He took her slim hand in his calloused one and completed the introductions. "Jethro Gibbs and this is my friend, Dr. Donald Mallard."

"Did you say Gibbs?" Rosalind asked with a note of surprise in her voice.

"Yes," he answered, suddenly feeling perplexed. "Why?"


Rosalind swallowed the sudden lump in her throat. "I'm your sister," she elaborated, taking her hand back. "Specifically, your half-sister."

She watched a range of emotions flow across Jethro's face before he hid them behind an iron mask. His blue eyes turned black and inscrutable.

She had never seen anyone get so angry so quickly and a shiver of fear ran down her spine.


Ducky watched Jethro become Special Agent Gibbs of the NCIS. He knew Rosalind was about to be the recipient of Jethro's righteous anger if he didn't do something to stop Jethro from acting so rashly. He reached out and gave Jethro's arm a firm squeeze silently commanding the younger man to go easy on Rosalind.


Jethro felt Ducky's squeeze and was able to pull himself back from the edge. He drew in a shaky breath and ran a hand through his hair in attempt to regain his cool.

"What do you mean you're my sister?" he asked, still fighting the anger that roiled in his stomach.

Rosalind didn't answer. Instead she pulled out of her pocket the only picture she had of her parents and handed it to Jethro.

He accepted it. He briefly glanced at it before a gasp of surprise left his lips.

"What is it, dearest?" Ducky requested. Rarely had he ever heard his lover gasp in surprise outside of their bedroom.

Jethro silently handed him the picture.


Ducky studied the picture and knew without a shadow of a doubt that Rosalind was Jethro's half-sister. They had one thing in common. They had the darkest blue eyes Ducky had ever seen and he recalled Jethro saying that was the only good thing he inherited from his father.

He handed the photo back to Rosalind, and then pulled her into an embrace. "Welcome to the family, Rosalind."


Rosalind waited with baited breath as Jethro studied the picture. She knew he had accepted the fact that they were related when he handed the picture over to his lover.

She reluctantly accepted the older man's embrace, but her heart overflowed with joy when he welcomed her into their small family.


Jethro watched Ducky embrace Rosalind and knew he couldn't do any less despite the anger he still felt toward their father. He waited for Ducky to let her go before he gruffly said, "C'mere," and pulled Rosalind into a light embrace of his own.

He let her go and then led her over to their father's grave. He returned to Ducky's side his hand reaching for Ducky's.


Rosalind knelt at the grave and said a few words in Vietnamese. She reached into her inner jacket pocket and pulled out a small crystal box. Inside the box was a small, perfectly formed red rose. She put it on the tombstone with a touch of reverence.

She climbed to her feet and walked over to her brother and his lover.

"So what are the membership dues for this exclusive club?" she teased with a wry grin.

"Meeting the kids," Jethro quipped with an answering grin.


Jethro and Ducky took Rosalind to NCIS and introduced her to the team. She was a big hit with Abby who almost squeezed her to death in true Abby fashion. Tim and Jimmy smiled at her shyly whilst Tony tried to hit on her until Jethro slapped him up side the head.

They then took her home where they spent the better part of the evening getting to know each other.

Tags: !creator: sharpiesgal, challenge 05, fiction

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