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That lovely Gibbs/Ducky scene from 'Personal Day' <3

Can we just take a moment to talk about that scene in last night's episode?

When the news reports said that Gibbs was going to become close friends with Dr Taft I thought 'hang on a second, he's got a doc to talk to! It's Ducky!'. Followed up with the disappointment of the very short autopsy scene in the first episode that didn't even include Ducky and Jimmy greeting Gibbs back on his first day I was rather miffed.

Last night's episode made me very happy. Poor DiNozzo trying to talk to Gibbs about things and he bites his head off. Yet Ducky talks to him, knowing him very well and Gibbs just stands there and lets him say his bit.

"That's the trouble with old friends...sometimes they know about your history more than you would like. They can also see your present state of mind."

Gibbs knows there's no point in denying it since Ducky knows him so well.

Ducky talks about his experiences after he had his heart attack kinda made me a bit teary eyed. Yes we knew he'd be okay but seeing him want to work and Gibbs telling him to go home because of Doctor's orders was sad. That though of course brought us the brilliant episode 'Phoenix' when Ducky got to lead a case and Gibbs was good enough to give him that.

Overall, it was a truly lovely scene, and I really want to know what did Gibbs want to talk to Ducky about later on? Was it for more personal reasons? I really did hope Gibbs would confide in Ducky and it looks like he may. I really hope this keeps up :D

So what did everyone else think?
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