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The Duck In Gibbs' Pond Part 8: New Year = New Beginnings

FIC SERIES: The Duck In Gibbs' Pond
TITLE: New Year = New Beginnings
PAIRING: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard
GENRE: Slash
SUB-GENRE: Established Relationship
SUMMARY: New year for Gibbs means even more changes.
RATING: NC17 (Overall)
AUTHOR NOTE:  Unchained Melody by Righteous Brothers

As the new year grew closer, Gibbs now had everything from the main rooms of the house boxed up and half of it already moved to Ducky's. All he had left to worry about was the last non-private bits from the basement; the only place in the house he was going to truly miss.

This time, he allowed Ducky to come with him since he wanted to remove the last of the stuff that day. The only piece of furniture he had delivered to them was his recliner chair that he had always found too comfy to leave behind. Where it would go, he didn't know, but Ducky assured him they would find somewhere for it. The rest of it had been collected up by a local charity.

Ducky busied himself packing away books into one box and the few ornaments Gibbs owned into another. He heard the back door open as Gibbs returned and turned around to smile but stopped as he noticed something mud covered in his hand.

"What's that?"

"It's...something Kelly and a friend of hers buried...a long time ago."

"Have you opened it?"

Gibbs was silent, pacing slightly and in thought.

"I can't bring myself to. Thing is...now that I'm moving on from here...should I leave it buried in the back yard or...? I don't know what I want to really do."

Ducky let out a sigh and gently touched his lover's arm.

"I guess it is all still a bit too sudden...Did you want to move your things back here?"

Frowning, Gibbs shook his head.

"Duck? What are you saying?"

"If this is all going too fast then maybe-"

The rest of his words were cut off as Gibbs pulled him into a desperate kiss that went on for several glorious moments. A book Ducky held in his hand dropped to the floor but neither of them moved to pick it up; lost in each other.

"I have to move on sometime. I should have done years ago! If I don't do this now-"

"Then it can wait a bit longer."

"No it can't! This place may be filled with good memories but I also feel it's cursed! I want to get away from here."

This time the kiss was softer.

"I don't want us to be cursed. Besides, I've got no furniture so even if I was stupid enough to turn back on my decision, it would be a bit hard living only with the recliner chair."

"Knowing you, you'd still somehow manage. Did you want to maybe bury Kelly's time capsule in our back yard?"

"I...I don't know."

"It's all up to you in the end, my dear. I doubt Kelly would mind, whichever you choose. How many more boxes are there to put in the car?"

"Only a few more and then...that'll be it."

"I'll deal with those. You take all the time you need."

Gently Ducky squeezed Gibbs' empty hand briefly then retrieved the book from the floor and continued packing the last of the books in a box before securing the lid with packaging tape.

After much thought, Gibbs stepped back outside, and Ducky watched from the window as he buried Kelly's time capsule again, his hands resting on the soil for a long moment. It was if he was saying goodbye all over again.
And so, that was it.

The house was now officially empty apart from the ghosts of time. Every room, cupboard and secret compartment had been cleared. He was finally moving on with his life. He walked around each room one last time, and then, for the first time in years, he locked the front door as he left. In the new year, the house would be put on the market.

Standing in the driveway, he looked up at the house, unsure if it was his imagination as he swore he could see Shannon smiling at him from their bedroom window. Was she happy he was leaving to move on with Ducky?

He tried best to dismiss it, getting into the car where Ducky had been patiently waiting almost half an hour for him to join him in the car.

"I'm sorry I took so long, Duck."

"You have nothing to be sorry for, my dear."

Ducky's hand rested upon his own, squeezing gently.

"Let's go home, Duck."

Returning back to their home, they carried the boxes into an empty space that had been allocated in the hallway and then Ducky set about dinner. Always prepared, Ducky had all he needed to whip up a fish pie in less than an hour.

As they sat eating, both were silent with their own thoughts. Gibbs pondered over the time capsule again, shaking his head and knowing that it was buried there for a reason. It was left for someone else to find. Maybe the future owners will have kids who will find it and enjoy the contents. He already had enough things that reminded him of his wife and daughter.

Ducky meanwhile pondered over something he wanted to ask. It wasn't a massive deal really, but knowing what his lover was like about parties, he wouldn't have been surprised if he said no.

'Don't ask and you won't get.' he thought to himself.

"Jethro, you know it's the work's New Years eve party tomorrow?"


In an instant, Gibbs knew where the conversation was heading, and inside he smiled.

"Were you thinking of going?"

"Do you want to?"

"Well I do often pop in for a few hours...Never saw you there but tI assume you didn't attend at all?"

"You are absolutely correct, apart from times when we've still been on a case." Gibbs put his fork down for a moment and thought,

"Look, if there's no work to be done, I guess we can stay for a few hours."

"That'd be quite wonderful. Thank you, Jethro."

Lady luck smiled down on Ducky, and with their latest case now wrapped up, the whole squad room was decked out with party decorations. Gibbs didn't approve of the squad room being used for the party that year, but the conference rooms were apparently in use and despite the size of the building, their floor was the only one empty. He believed this to be a lie and most likely someone's plan to get him to join in the celebration whether he planned to or not. For Ducky however, he was willing to put up with it.
As at any sort of occasion, Ducky was happily chatting away to a small group of people, deep in conversation about one of his most strangest cases back in the early days when he was first assigned to Gibbs' team.

Gibbs himself meanwhile just stood by the windows, watching as people were already setting off fireworks in the distance. Hand in his pocket, he held a small square box tightly in his palm.

It was a bit cliché, he knew, but it felt right. He had thought about it a lot over the past few weeks, and was now certain that what he was going to do tonight was the right thing and he was surprisingly fine with the idea of everyone witnessing what he was about to do.

"Wow. Didn't expect to see Gibbs at one of these things." Tony said reaching for his second glass of champagne.

"Most likely for Ducky's sake." Ziva replied matter of factly, "and I highly approve that he was willing to do it."

Tim returned from the buffet with a paper plate covered in snack items, placing them down on Tony's desk for them to share and joining in the conversation.

" Have you noticed Gibbs has been a bit...distracted lately?"

Tony instantly made a grab for the cocktail weenies, talking despite stuffing two in his mouth.

"He's dating the Duck man, of course he's distracted. I'm pretty sure every time he says he has to go do something he goes down to autopsy," he swallowed his food when Ziva tutted at him, "and with Jimmy on holiday it's not like they're easily going to get disturbed. Not to mention he's damn soppy of late. Did you see the pictures of those two Abby took on Christmas Day?"
They suddenly went silent as Gibbs approached them, putting his arm around Tim's shoulders and guiding him away.

"Tim, I need a word with you. It's a bit last minute but I need your help."

"Sure boss, what can I do?"

The rest of the conversation was drowned out by the noise, and Tony let out a small whine of disappointment.
Half hour before new year's arrival the music suddenly stopped. Some people let out cries of protest, and others just looked plain confused.

"Sorry to ruin the jig you had going on there, Leon," Gibbs said loudly from the staircase, making everyone turn in his direction. "But I have a very important piece of business to attend to."

On cue, Tim changed the song to, of all the soppiest songs in the world, Unchained Melody. Voices started talking in hushed whispers.

My love
My darlin'

"Doctor Mallard, can you join me up here?"

I've hungered for
Your touch
Lonely time

For a moment, Ducky couldn't move. Surely Gibbs wasn't doing what he thought he was doing? Finally his legs went into motion and he approached with the rest of the room on his heels. He knew that gradually word had spread to the rest of the building about their relationship, which was met with mostly positive results. If there was anyone who didn't know by now, they were in for the shock of their life.

And time goes by
So slowly
And time
Can do so much
Are you
Still mine?

Taking his lover's hands, Gibbs dropped to one knee. Ducky felt his breath catch in his throat.


"Duck, you know my history with marriage has been a bit of a disaster over the years. Heck, you've stood next to me at two of them as my best man."

Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out the small square box with the ring inside. For a moment he fumbled and almost dropped it as he tried to open it one handed. Having succeeded, he presented it to Ducky.

"This time though, I want it to be the final time I have to make that trip up the aisle, and again with you by my side, but this time...as my husband."

There were collective gasps in the crowd, and a light squeal noise that was distinctly Abby's. One or two people tutted and walked away, glaring in disapproval.

"Oh Jethro."

I need your love
I need your love
God- speed your love
To me.

"So what do you say, Duck? Will you marry me?"

Ducky wiped at the tears, but fresh ones were quick to replace them. Smiling brightly, he nodded and summoned up enough of a voice to reply.

"Yes, Jethro, I would be delighted to."

Gibbs let out a sigh of relief, reaching out to place the gold band on his now fiancé's finger. Rising back to his feet, he pulled Ducky into his arms and they kissed briefly.

My love
My darlin'
I've hungered, HUNGERED for
Your touch
Lonely time

The room erupted into rapturous applause and cheering.. No one could hear one woman yell as she headed to the elevator with her jacket that they were going to hell for their sin, and even if they did, they probably wouldn't have cared.

As they descended the stairs again, hand in hand, Abby was the first to come over and congratulate them, still making small joyful noises as she pulled them both into a hug.

"Oh my god, you guys! I can't believe it!" her voice getting high and higher as she spoke, "I'm so happy for you."

Ziva and Tony were quick to join in congratulating them, followed by Tim who'd changed the music back to the previous playlist for the rest of the room.

"Thanks for that, Tim."

"No problem. I'm really happy for you both."

Many other people crowded around them, all shaking hands and congratulating them, many of them still rather in shock at what they'd just witnessed. Eventually the crowd around them died out again, and Gibbs guided Ducky over to his desk and grabbed a spare chair and sat them down.

Ziva passed over a tissue box as Ducky's tears continued to flow.

"Duck, you okay?"

"More than okay. Jethro, you have no idea how happy you've made me."

Ducky wiped his eyes and blew his nose, still overcome by emotion. Fortunately, the team left them alone, even though every now and then Gibbs caught Abby looking over, still bouncing on the balls of her feet with happiness.

"Can you guys believe it?" she practically squeaked. "Gibbs and Ducky getting married. It's just so wonderful."

"Jimmy's gonna freak when he hears this." Tim said with a laugh, " I know he was concerned that Gibbs would break Ducky's heart, but I really think that this is going to last."

Everyone nodded and Tony let out his own laugh.

"To think we thought wife number four would be either agent Borin or Lieutenant Mann. Our universe truly works in mysterious ways."

Again they briefly caught a glimpse at the happy couple.

Ignoring anyone who looked at them, Gibbs again pulled Ducky into a hug, kissing the top of his head.

"I apologize, Jethro. I don't know what's come over me."

"It's alright. Guess you never expect this."

"There was no doubt in my mind that your feelings for me were true, my dear, but to get married...Mother would have been so happy."

"Words cannot describe how happy I am that you said yes."

As Ducky admired the ring again, he noticed the small heart shape that was engraved on it, bringing forth another bought of happy tears.

Gradually, Ducky calmed and soon enough, the music was turned off again and many moved up to the roof as they prepared to count in the new year.

"You two coming?" Abby asked, still bouncing slightly like an excited puppy, "We always get such a great view from the roof."


"I don't see why not."

Despite the lack of wind, the air was chilly, and Ducky let out a small shudder as they stepped out. Noticing, Gibbs immediately pulled him close, holding his hands in his own.

"HAPPY NEW YEAR!" everyone shouted, and instantly people in the neighbourhoods around them set off their fireworks.

The sky lit up and the bangs of the fireworks echoed around the area. Gibbs wrapped his arms around Ducky, staring down into his eyes and seeing the love brightly reflected in them. Softly, he kissed him again and they stood forehead to forehead, ignoring everyone else around them.

"Happy new year, Duck."

"Happy new year, my dear wonderful Jethro."

For a few moments longer, they stood and watched the fireworks together, still holding onto each other.

"What a way to start the year." Gibbs said with a happy sigh, "It couldn't be any better than this."

"Agreed. Did you wish to go home soon?"

"Can do, but if you'd rather stay a bit longer that's alright."

"Do you really want to?"

Ducky raised an eye brow, smiling.

"No." he admitted with a small laugh.

"Then, my dearest, we shall take our leave."

Returning back to the squad room, Gibbs collected up his things and they both gradually said their goodbyes.

Throughout the journey home, Ducky wouldn't stop staring at the ring on his finger, smiling as the streetlights they passed illuminated it.

Gibbs couldn't help but notice Ducky's glee in the corner of his eye and smiled to himself. It seemed almost yesterday that Gibbs gave in to the urge to kiss Ducky for the first time. He couldn't explain why this attraction had form into what it's become.

When Ducky had agreed to allow that first kiss, it was like electricity had shot through the both of them, and the reaction was immediate. It was then Ducky confessed that his feelings towards him had been much more than he knew for a few years. Despite this, he did give Gibbs a chance to bail before their relationship got too deep, but it just felt like the right direction for them to go.

As they entered home, Gibbs locked the front door and was surprised as Ducky immediately pounced on him, standing on tip-toes to reach his lips and kiss him hard.

"Whoa, Duck, slow down."

"I can't. You have made me such a happy man."

"At least let me get my jacket off."

Ducky ceased only for a few moments before latching onto him again, kissing anywhere he could reach, making Gibbs laugh.

"C'mon Duck, to the bedroom."

Reaching the bedroom, they quickly lost their clothes, turned down the duvet, and landed together on the bed. Gibbs could do little but lay back and let his now fiancé, kiss everywhere his lips came onto contact with. Each kiss on him make his cock twitch, very much interested in the sudden turn of events.

Ducky didn't stop, gentle hands running down his sides, caressing the skin of his hips as his lips reached their main destination.

There were no words, only Gibbs taking a deep shuddering breath as his cock was engulfed into warm, wet heat. He loved it when Ducky did this. The man was very well knowledged in what made Gibbs become a mass of rambling goo under his administrations.
From gently swiping his tongue into the slit of the head to gently letting his teeth run along the throbbing vein on the side. Every lick and swallow was pushing him nearer and nearer to climax.

"Duck! Slow down."

"Sorry my dear, I got a bit carried away."

"I noticed. Now what can I do for you?"

Ducky never asked Gibbs to return the act, knowing he didn't like to do it. Yet then he'd never asked for permission to take him the way he did on Christmas day. What if?

Kissing his younger fiancé softly, he took a breath and bit the bullet.

"Jethro, you don't have to do this, but...I want your lips around me."

"Around you? Around wh-... Oh"

"As I previously stated, you don't have to."

"Can't promise I'll be as good as you...or any good for that matter."

Despite his words, Gibbs kissed his lips again briefly then started to slide further down the bed. He'd held Ducky's penis in his hands many times, but never at such close range. There was nothing that he didn't have, and he remembered how it felt the first time he allowed Ducky to enter him. Now it was going to again, but not the same place.

He started off by simply repeating the motions he did when he would jerk him off, getting used to watching it up close as it reacted to his touch. Above him, he could hear Ducky's breathing change, and when he looked up, he saw Ducky watching through half lidded eyes.

With a grin, he pulled back the foreskin, running his thumb around the head then licked the thumb. The moan it earned him increased his confidence, and his thumb was replaced with his tongue, probing it into the slit of the head.

"Jethro. Oh my dearest Jethro, that feels wonderful."

Slowly, Gibbs worked on taking Ducky further into his mouth, having a moment of panic as his teeth grazed the sensitive skin and made the man hiss. He couldn't take the whole of him right now, that much he knew, but he managed well enough for his first time. Looking to the side when he heard a scratch noise, he saw how Ducky's fingers were digging into the bed sheets underneath them.

"Please, Jethro, don't stop."

Ducky panted as his cock was engulfed into the warm and slippery heat again and again. For a first try, his lover was clearly willing, and it hadn't taken him long to make Ducky writhe around, moaning every so often.

"I warn you now, I'm getting very close."

It was then Gibbs pulled away, and Ducky groaned at the loss, watching the other man reach into the drawer for the ever present lubricant. It didn't take long to prepare Ducky, and soon enough Gibbs was inside him, thrusting slowly to make the experience last.

"Faster. Please Jethro. Go faster!"

"I don't wanna hurt you."

It was a phrase Gibbs said often, despite having been reassured so many times that it was okay. This time was no different, and gradually he upped the pace leaning down to kiss Ducky all whilst thrusting and wrapping one hand around Ducky's weeping erection.
It wasn't the wisest of ideas to put all his balance on one arm, but the multiple stimulation caused Ducky to convulse strongly, his eyes rolling back in his head and pulling his lips away to let out a deep and long guttural moan. His cock twitched violently, shooting out streams of pleasure over and over.

The tightness around Gibbs' cock was too much and he soon was also letting out a groan and spilling himself inside his fiancé.

"Duck, you okay?" Gibbs asked, panicking for a moment.

"I do believe so my dear. Although if I were to have died from that onslaught of pleasure, one could say I died happy."

"Don't think I'd want you to have that carved on your tombstone, Duck."

"It would raise a few eyebrows would it not? However it's been estimated that under one percent of sudden deaths have occurred during consensual sex."

With a smile at Ducky's ability to still talk facts during the post coital haze, Gibbs lay down beside him and pulled the duvet up over them both. Ducky murmured a bit, eyes heavy and he snuggled up to Gibbs who wrapped his arms around him.

"Night Duck. I love you."
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