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The Gibbs timeline that I posted..

So, in 2006 I had a huge project that required a Gibbs timeline and at that point not a lot was known about Gibbs (and Ducky) so I made a semi-ficitional timeline. Part of it is fictional, part of is what I could gather from those first few seasons of NCIS.

I haven't touched that timeline since 2008. I also didn't quite know how to make a timeline back then, I was young and didn't have much experience writing fanfiction anyway.

However, now that livejournal has introduced the daily digest thing I get a notification of when someone views it and I get soooo embarrassed, feeling guilty, that I have never returned to fix it. Since making that timeline, we now have NCIS wikias with timelines and background information.

Now, I also understand that this timeline will be focusing on Gibbs and Ducky so...

After this week's episode I might as well start updating it. There are three problems with that:
1) The timeline hasn't been updated since season 5. We're in season 16 now.
2) This is going to take a lot of time. LOL. I'm not going to look at the other timelines that are out there. I always felt that this timeline was a cute, self-contained little thing.
3) I kinda lost interest in NCIS as a fanfiction playground, but maybe this will spark my fire again?

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