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Fic: "Discovery" by Periwinkle

TITLE: Discovery
AUTHOR: Periwinkle
PAIRING: Gibbs/Mallard
GENRE: Slash
SUB-GENRE: Established Relationship
SUMMARY: Gibbs notices that Jimmy Palmer has made a startling realization.

This was written in response to Ashleigh Anpilova’ s
It Was in His Voice
My thanks to her for allowing me to use her idea.


I was on edge that day. Close to exploding. But the team couldn’t tell. I hid it. Except from Ducky. I can’t fool him. Can’t even try anymore. There’s no point. He knows me so well. Ducky knew I was wound up. So he began one of his stories. I know the team thinks he just rambles on. Sometimes it exasperates them. But I take comfort in them. Not that I always listen to them; I’ve heard the tales too many times already. They wash over me though like the ocean waves and I know Duck is with me. So he can tell his tales, and I can ignore them, and we understand the real message is ‘You are important to me and I care for you.’ It’s as close as two men can get to declaring their love in public and we are secure because the team sees what they want to see. They miss the rest.

Or so I thought. Because on that day, I happened to catch a glimpse of Jimmy Palmer. Who was looking at me with a little half-smile on his face. And suddenly I knew that he knew. And he’d known for a while because he didn’t look shocked or amazed.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? The one person in the room who isn’t a trained investigator had been the one to figure out our secret. People don’t give Jimmy enough credit. Yes, he’s young and nervous, but he observes and he listens and he’s going to be a very good M.E. if he stays in the field. He’s learned to put the little pieces together into a whole. My Ducky is a good teacher. Jimmy realizes that.

I can trust Jimmy with this. He’s never given a hint in the past that he’d figured us out. I find that I’m glad that he’s the one to know -– Abby would be too bouncy for Ducky, Tony would make annoying remarks and the rest of them might have trouble with the idea. Jimmy treats Ducky with respect. He is interested in learning from him. He’s the only person other than me who ever really listens to the endless stories. That impresses me. He could so easily treat Ducky as a foolish old man.
I won’t tell Ducky; he doesn’t need to know. But in the future, now I know I’ll have someone I can look at when Duck is rambling on and find understanding. It’s a nice feeling. I really don’t compliment Jimmy enough on his work. I’ll have to rectify that in the future.
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