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Fiction: Body Language

TITLE: Body language 
AUTHOR: Willow
PAIRING: Leroy Jethro Gibbs/Donald 'Ducky' Mallard - Abigail Scuito/Timothy McGee
GENRE: mention of slash
SUMMARY: Yet another short companion piece to: It Was In His Voice (written by nakeisha), Discovery (written by periwinkle27), Oh, Dear (by nakeisha) and Impossible (also by nakeisha). This is Gibbs and Ducky’s special relationship noticed by Abby. Her thoughts about it.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.
AUTHOR’S NOTE: Oh how brilliantly one story can lead to another… what a nice universe!

“What have you got, Abs?” her boss’ voice sounded while the doors opened at the same time. Abby smiled, that was ‘her’ Gibbs, popping in unwanted. Gibbs wasn’t really ‘hers’ and nor was she really ‘his’ as Abby knew, that Gibbs had a thing for Ducky. And she was fine with that. Ducky was an extremely handsome man, and so was Gibbs, and with Gibbs’ exploding nature sometimes, the eccentric Ducky was a good match.

Not that Gibbs and Ducky told anyone about it. In fact, Abby just noticed it because she learned to watch body language. As her parents were deaf, body language and hands were important. The way Gibbs looked at Ducky, bended over towards him, and how Ducky softly leaned into Gibbs, it was all too obvious.
She loved seeing the pair together. It made her feel happy, something good between corpses, boring tests – not that she’d admit that they’re kind of boring, she liked a challenge – and beating up McGee. But beating up Timmy was great too. She loved to tease her sex-buddy. She loved him, but used him for now as Timmy came out of a very long relationship and she didn’t want to get involved in a long relationship… yet.

She often took them out to dinner, not telling them that she knew they were a couple. Tim was always going out with them as well, so there wouldn’t be a ‘third wheel’. But even during dinner, off work, Gibbs and Ducky tried not to show to her that they were a couple, but boy was it obvious! Ducky helped Gibbs to read the menu, as Gibbs nearly always forgot his glasses, vain man that he is, Gibbs helped Ducky to get up when he had sat too long on an uncomfortable chair. Abby once dropped her knife to the floor to see if they were having foot-contact, but alas, not even that!

Gibbs usually told her everything. In sign language, so no one else would know. His body language said a lot too. Gibbs treated her like a surrogate daughter, and she didn’t mind. She loved her parents, but liked a hearing surrogate daddy as well. It puzzled her, that Gibbs didn’t tell her about his relationship with Ducky, well he told her about them being friends, good friends, and that was it. Maybe he was afraid that she’d bounce so much that she’d bring down the building or something, or worse, tell everyone when she was in an excited mood.

But she knew, and she didn’t bounce the building to the ground.

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