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"On a 'Need to Know' Basis by Periwinkle

Continuing the story that refuses to go away ...
This follows Body Language by toomuchfandom

On a “Need to Know” Basis
By Periwinkle

Something odd is going on here. One minute ago everything was as usual. Then Jethro and Tony went down to Autopsy to see Ducky, and when they came back it was as if there had been a brief stutter in time. There had been a change somehow, but it was subtle. Only someone who’d been partnered with Jethro would pick it up.

When I glanced at Ziva from the corner of my eye, I got the impression she knew what was going on, but she was avoiding looking at me. That in itself is disquieting as Ziva usually is the person who informs me as what is happening. Tony was looking a little hurt and confused, but that’s nothing new. But, Jethro, something was definitely a little off with Jethro. It’s almost as if he’d relaxed a little bit, but that can’t be. Jethro never relaxes around here. He barely ever relaxed around even me, and he stopped doing that after Paris.

It has to be something that happened in Autopsy or the lab. I could go down to that level to see what I could sniff out, but Ducky is there. And Ducky, who everyone thinks is a sweet, kindly man, around me is actually quite ruthless. He has this misguided notion that he needs to protect Gibbs from me. He hides it well, but I get the feeling he thinks I’m a cold-hearted bitch. Not that he’d ever let anyone see what he truly thinks. Well, Ducky, if I am a bitch, it’s because I learned from the best; after all, I was Jethro’s partner.

Maybe I should go to the lab and ask Abby about something? I could see if I pick up some signal from her. But then again, Abby is the one who calls me “Madame Director.” She’s never shown any inclination to help me before.

I just don’t understand it. Nothing’s changed and yet something has. Everyone is acting exactly as they did five minutes ago and yet it’s different. I’m the Director. I should be aware of what’s happening, but Gibbs’ team seems determined to keep me out of the loop. I’ll just have to go down to Autopsy and see what I can find out. I don’t like the team having secrets behind my back. They’re so loyal to Jethro, but they should be mine.


Things are even odder here. Jimmy is looking at me out of the corner of his eye. He’s even acting a little defensive. He’s always been protective of his boss, but right now he’s acting like I’m going to do something awful to Ducky. And Ducky has the nerve to ask me if there’s something he can help me with and then actually turns his back on me and continues the silly story he was telling Jimmy. Something has altered and I don’t know what it is.

I’m the Director. I should know what’s going on. Someone needs to tell me. I need to know.
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