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15 June 2006 @ 18:12
My contribution to "Noticing"  
Title Witness
Author Ren
Pairing Gibbs/Ducky
Genre Slash
Summary My little contribution to the ongoing "Noticing" fics. Following in the great footsteps of nakeisha,periwinkle27toomuchfandom
Disclaimer Not mine nor ever will be.

He is considerate I give him that, although I certainly wouldn't have chosen him to see me this way, but then I have no choice, and certainly no voice in the matter.
Unlike the others I have come into contact today he still treats me as a person, and not as a number. He talks to me and treats me with respect and tells me his every move.
Although I can no longer feel his touch I can see that he places gentle but firm pressure on my form rather like that of a lover, soft touches that I would imagine would leave a feeling of joy and tenderness. And even though I know that soon my flesh will be broken, I will still be left with dignity. It is all I can ask from him now, and all he can offer.

Ah he lifts his head up, we are not alone now, a man enters. Yes I remember him we have met very recently. This morning in fact. I know he is another champion of mine he will help me much like his friend here.
I know in my heart he will find out the whys, whos, whats and wheres and all those other reasons for my being here in this isolated room, when I should be in more familiar surroundings enjoying the simple peasures that I am now deprived of.
The older man who has been very kind to me has a name "Duck" so this younger knight of mine whispers in a tone that speaks of more than a mere acquaintence. I can see that I am forgotten for the moment as "Duck" leaves me to go over to my other saviour who has opened his arms.
I notice that "Duck" is not hesitant in going into those open arms, If I was still able to I would fly into them myself.

Those same arms now crush Duck, there is no struggle, no backward step. Instead Duck moves closer almost burrowing his head into that of the taller man. I can see that the grip tightens around the smaller form almost causing my knight's fingers to pale in colour The comfort of those arms surely bring thoughts of more than protection.
I hear a whimper "Jethro". Ah, so my knight finally has a name.
Jethro bows his head close to Duck and I can see him press a tender kiss on the forehead
The murmers of nonsensical words drift towards me.
I am witness to this scene. I should feel aggrieved that I am forgotten and I know I can not repeat what I have seen. I know I can never utter a word. Yet instead I feel privildged that they know I can keep a secret and that I am one of the chosen few they can trust.
Buggy: Gibbs and Ducky 04toomuchfandom on 15th June 2006 18:00 (UTC)
I love this point of view!

I already told you... but... GUH! So good!

Great stuff Ren:D

Very original!
Renk1mono on 15th June 2006 18:05 (UTC)
Blush :O)
(Anonymous) on 15th June 2006 18:32 (UTC)
Interesting POV, Ren.

I liked it.
Nikki: Gibbs/Ducky (Walking Hug)nakeisha on 15th June 2006 20:00 (UTC)
I really love this unique POV.

And it has such feeling and depth and is so very moving.

Thank you for the lovely addition to the saga.

Bon: aya: escape from realitybonafide_nocta on 16th June 2006 00:39 (UTC)
A very nice read and such a clever choice of POV! Although I kind of had some trouble figuring out who it was in the beginning. =D (I thought it was a cat at first... yep, a cat... poor imaginary cat...)
I'm Just a Traveller in Timestrainconductor on 16th June 2006 13:26 (UTC)
Hee hee there should be one with Ducky's Corgis :DD
I'm Just a Traveller in Timestrainconductor on 16th June 2006 13:27 (UTC)
This was a lovely fic, I really enjoyed the point of view and the tenderness found there, so very beautiful.

*hearts you and story*

Thank you for sharing