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Fiction. Davka.

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TITLE: Davka
AUTHOR: lonelywalker
PAIRING: Gibbs/Ducky
GENRE: Slash
SUB-GENRE: Round robin.
SUMMARY: Ziva analyses the situation.
DISCLAIMER: I don't own these characters, nor am I making any money from them. I merely borrow them from time to time.


From the files of Ziva David, Mossad Agent.

Naval Criminal Investigative Service >> Personnel >> Gibbs, Leroy Jethro >> -date encrypted-

-translated from the Hebrew-


Special Agent Gibbs struck Special Agent DiNozzo today, administering a sharp slap to the back of Agent DiNozzo’s head. The incident took place in the autopsy room, in the presence of Doctor Mallard and ME assistant James Palmer. Despite Agent DiNozzo’s protestations, and frequent whining during the rest of the day, no formal charge of assault or harassment was registered against Agent Gibbs.


It has come to my attention since joining Agent Gibbs’ investigative team that the “headslap” is a frequent disciplinary device used by senior agents to chasten junior agents. The slap itself causes no physical damage, but serves to alert the junior agent to a lapse in concentration or logical thought.

In itself the headslap is unobjectionable, and usually the instances of its use have gone unrecorded in my files. However, Agent DiNozzo’s report to me of the facts of this particular incident made it clear that today’s use of the headslap was particularly odd, and worth further investigation.

Agent DiNozzo’s complaint took two parts: (1) that the headslap was unusually violent and painful. (2) that the headslap was unwarranted, and that certainly the punishment was disproportionate to the offence. Since I cannot testify to the severity of the pain felt by Agent DiNozzo, I must pay attention primarily to the reason behind the headslap.

Agent DiNozzo related that Doctor Mallard had, as is usual, been giving an oral autopsy report to Agent Gibbs. Upon Doctor Mallard’s familiar lapse into a vaguely related anecdote, Agent DiNozzo had made the request that the Doctor resume his formal report (it is unclear what wording this request took). Upon hearing this request, Agent Gibbs firmly slapped the back of Agent DiNozzo’s head.

There are two possible analyses of the cause of this unusually violent headslap. The first is that Agent Gibbs davka slapped Agent DiNozzo without any specific provocation. That is, the headslap was motivated precisely because there was no provocation. The second analysis is that, unknown to Agent DiNozzo, there in fact was sufficient provocation to warrant the headslap. For the purposes of this report, I will assume that the second analysis is correct.

The most obvious reason for Agent Gibbs to become angered by Agent DiNozzo’s interruption would be that Doctor Mallard’s anecdote was in fact important to the autopsy report. Despite the fact that I was not present at the autopsy report, I doubt that this was the case. Doctor Mallard frequently relates such anecdotes, and they are rarely of crucial factual importance. In addition, it is unlikely that Agent Gibbs could have recognised the anecdote as containing vital information in the brief time before Agent DiNozzo’s interruption. It is therefore probable that Agent Gibbs was reacting to the interruption itself, regardless of what Agent DiNozzo was interrupting.

Doctor Mallard is a senior and esteemed medical examiner. It is appropriate that all members of NCIS regard him with respect, and it is possible that Agent Gibbs was angered by Agent DiNozzo’s lack of politeness. However, given the seriousness of the case, and the importance of the autopsy report, it would seem reasonable that Agent DiNozzo’s haste would warrant a commendation rather than a violent punishment.

My analysis therefore suggests that there was no logical reason behind the headslap. It was administered, davka, without provocation.

Personal Notes

I have previously noted in these files that the relationship between Agent Gibbs and Doctor Mallard is particularly close. They have known each other for at least the last ten years, and have socialised outside the work environment.

In the past, I have made reports on the friendship of these two men. It has appeared, in my judgement, that Agent Gibbs has on several occasions endangered his entire team on behalf of Doctor Mallard. They also appear to be extremely close, even affectionate. It is possible that this relationship alone may be the reason behind Agent Gibbs’ reaction. However, I do not believe this to be the case.

In earlier reports, I have theorised that the relationships between several members of the NCIS team may be sexual and/or romantic (see files on: DiNozzo/Todd; Gibbs/Sciuto; Gibbs/Shepard; McGee/Sciuto; McGee/Palmer; and Palmer/Sciuto). Amongst these preliminary theories was the possibility that Agent Gibbs and Doctor Mallard were romantically involved. They have the longest friendship of any two people on Agent Gibbs’ team. Neither admits to any current romantic or sexual involvement with another person.

Doctor Mallard’s record suggests neither sustained heterosexual nor homosexual relationships, although I am not privy to his extended background check. It is therefore possible that Doctor Mallard is a practising homosexual. Agent Gibbs has had several lengthy heterosexual relationships, and has fathered at least one child. Nevertheless, a single homosexual relationship with a close friend is not impossible.

Therefore, I must describe my reason for deciding that such a relationship, however, is unlikely in this case.

Despite Agent Gibbs’ excellent work record, above average intellect, and – according to some – good physical appearance, it is, in my opinion, improbable that Doctor Mallard would enter into a romantic relationship with him. Doctor Mallard, as I have discussed, is a highly intelligent, skilled, and respected man. Even taking into account Agent Gibbs’ remarkable professional abilities, I find it unlikely that Doctor Mallard would be interested in pursuing an extensive social affiliation. Agent Gibbs is known to be brusque, unfriendly, and, in fact, distinctly antisocial. He appears to spend his leisure time imbibing alcohol and working – alone – on a boat, the use of which seems to be impossible since it is located in his basement.

Primarily, however, I must take into account the fact that, on numerous occasions during the ten years of their friendship, Agent Gibbs has been known to have had heterosexual relationships, including several (brief) marriages. Quite apart from the fact of these relationships’ very existence, Doctor Mallard must have witnessed Agent Gibbs’ romantic ineptitude, self-destructive tendencies, and general insufferability.

Therefore, considering all of the evidence, I find it unlikely that Doctor Mallard and Agent Gibbs are involved in anything more than a mutual friendship.

Personal Notes (Update)

A brief incident occurred today that may have some tenuous relevance to my former report. Agent DiNozzo, Doctor Mallard, James Palmer and I were investigating a crime scene. The body of a marine had been found in a small storeroom with only one exit. Although the murder had been a violent stabbing, no blood was found on the door. Instead, on close examination, Agent DiNozzo located a bloody handprint on the ledge of a small, relatively inaccessible window high in the storeroom wall. This suggested that the murderer had exited using the window rather than the obvious choice of the door.

I theorised to Agent DiNozzo that the murderer had davka used the window. He asked me to explain what I meant. Unfortunately there is no direct translation into English, and I struggled to convey my meaning. Doctor Mallard, who I believe speaks very good Hebrew, was able to help Agent DiNozzo understand, primarily by giving examples of the word’s usage.

The first example he gave was: “I davka love him.”

I will need to analyse the implications of this statement in the future.
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