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Gibbs/Ducky Yuletide Fiction Exchange

Yes, I know it's only September, but I believe in giving people as much time as possible to write their stories.

So, the Gibbs/Ducky Yuletide Fiction Exchange - what is it? Well, it's pretty much the same as all other Yuletide Fiction Exchanges, the only difference being that this one is devoted solely to Gibbs/Ducky.

There might not be enough interest to make this work, but if you don't try, you won't know.

General Information
  • All stories are to be Gibbs/Ducky

  • Stories can be posted at any time during Advent (i.e. between 1st - 24th December)

  • Stories are to be a minimum of 500 words

  • Stories will be posted by the author

Still interested?

Sign-Up Details

1. State your LJ name.

2. Put the email address to where you would like your assignment to be sent. If you are uneasy about putting your email address here, please email me at and include your LJ name and the email address to which you'd like your assignment to be sent. Please also state in your sign-up post that this is what you are doing.

3. Please list up to five prompts to give the writer an idea of something you would like in your story. For example, established relationship, partner betrayal, angst, Jimmy in a positive light, case story, a particular kink, etc. The writer does not have to include all five in the story.

4. If there is anything you really do not want in your story, i.e. it's a squick, please list it here. For example, BDSM, death story, food play, Jenny in a positive light, any character you don't want, femslash, threesomes, graphic sex, graphic on-screen violence, etc.

5. If there is anything you really cannot write please list it here. For example, BDSM, death story, Jenny in a positive light, romance, angst, partner rape, food play, angst, partner betrayal, violence, etc.

6. I know that members of this Comm having varying comfort levels when it comes to sex, therefore please state the following:

6a. The highest rating for sex you want in your story.

6b. The highest rating for sex you are willing to write.

Note: Ratings are very subjective, one person's G can be another PG-13. Thus, to keep it simple and ensure we are all starting from the same place, for the purposes of this, we'll use the system that I use for the various challenges I'm doing.

G = Gibbs & Ducky are only referred to as lovers, there isn't even a kiss.
PG = There is at least one scene when they kiss.
PG-13 = There is at least one bed scene as well as a kissing scene, but it is the 'fade to grey' type/you simply say 'they went to bed and made love' kind of comment. There is no detail.
R = There is at least one bed scene, and there is some detail, touching, caressing, etc. but nothing overly heavy.
NC-17 = There is a bed scene and the details are quite graphic.

If you are still uncertain as to exactly what I mean, drop me a note and I'll try to give you an example.

I know that stories are not rated purely on sex. However, I know that for most people it is the sex level that can make them uncomfortable, hence for the purposes of this exchange, let's keep the rating to sex only. You can always put that you do not want excessive violence or swearing as a 'don't want'.

7. All stories should try to conform to the wishes of the person requesting the story as far as possible within the comfort zone of the person writing the story. That means if you have been matched with someone who states that their highest rating for sex is NC-17, but you have said you'll only be comfortable going to PG-13, then that is fine. The above ratings refer to the highest level - i.e. you don't go above it; but below it is fine.

8. Whilst one thing we have in common is out love of Gibbs and Ducky, I know that where other characters are concerned we do, to an extent, differ. Therefore, as these stories are in effect gifts, I'd hate to think that someone wrote a character in a negative way for someone who really liked that character. Therefore, in case the person writing your story brings other characters into it as part of the plot, please list the other characters, from all seasons, as follows:

8a. Characters you like.

8b. Characters you dislike.

8c. Characters about whom you have no strong feelings.

That way, hopefully, if someone really likes Ziva, then the person writing the story won't be negative about her if Ziva is included in the story. Of course other characters do not have to be included in the story, but I'm trying to cover all bases.

9. Please try not to be too excluding or esoteric in your 'wants'. Remember we are a fairly small fandom, so the more exclusions or obscure the suggestion, the more limiting it becomes.

The sign up for this will be from now (11th September) until 25th September, and assignments will go out by 30th September. This will give you a minimum of two months in which to complete your story.

I do hope that as many of you as possible will participate.

If you have any questions pertaining to this please either reply to this post and mark the post 'Question' or email me (address as above - it's also on the information page).

Thank you.


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EDIT Just to confirm, stories do not have to have a Yuletide theme. Of course they can, unless someone specifically says they do not want that, but it is not compulsory.
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