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NCIS Season Four

I posted this to my own journal, but thought I'd inflict it on share it with this Comm too.

Following last week's episode, more than one person said that they could now see Gibbs/Ducky, because Ducky was so angry and pissed off with Gibbs.

And I was wondering, idly, whether following this week's episode there might be even more people who will at least admit to the possibility of it.

From a purely person point of view I don't get this, after all how can the hugs, looks, invasion of one another's personal space, face pat, hat brim tips, etc. not be seen to show Gibbs/Ducky and yet anger can?

Actually, I do know one reason (as one or two of you have heard me say), it's to do with antagonistic slash, and how some people have to have conflict between their couple, or at least conflict makes it more believable, more possible.

I admit that this fission between them adds an extra spark maybe. It takes us from what has always been a deep, caring and loving friendship (putting slash aside for a moment), into another level.

And intellectually I can see how Ducky's utterly out of character behaviour (going out of his way to try to hurt and rile Gibbs) could indeed be evidence that their relationship wasn't just that of dear friends.

However, emotionally I still can't see why it overrides all the other what, is to me at least, such clear evidence.

Anyway, just my ponderings. (Maybe it's just wishful thinking that we might get a few new Gibbs/Ducky folk *waves to the current gang*)

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